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For PC and Mac Computer repair services that are quick and reliable, in Providence, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Call the professionals at Anzitech for a variety of solutions that meet your specific needs and budget, including troubleshooting and repair, data backup and recovery, security, remote support, managed IT.
Whether your computer or laptop needs to be fixed or you want to make sure that the data at your home or business is safe, contact Anzitech at 401-400-2694 in Rhode Island and Massachusetts to discuss your computer needs and concerns. Request an assessment today, and find out how an Anzitech expert can give you peace of mind that your technology is working safely and at the highest level.

More than 30 years of experience in providing comprehensive computer solutions in Rhode Island and Massachusetts

  •     Personal computing to Corporate IT
  •     Windows, Apple, and Android support
  •     From smartphone to server management
  •     iPhone, Android, iPad, Laptop, Desktops, and Servers
  •     Networking
  •     401 400 2694
Computer Repair Rhode Island, Massachusetts | 401-400-2694

AnziTech Computer Repair

Home Computer Repair

Mac & PC Computer Repair 
Virus Removal
Home and Business Networks
NAS & SAN Storage
Managed Care
Wi-Fi, Wireless Setup, and Configuration
Virus Removal from Mac's & PC's
Training and Tutorial customized to the individual
Disaster recovery planning
Computer Maintenance
Business Technology Consulting
Windows Support
Apple Support
iPhone, iPad, Android Support
Web Page Design
Distributed Workforce Administration
Acquisition Support
Remote Maintenance
Cloud Backup Services

On - Site Business Services

Operating system upgrades
Network Maintenance
Distributed Workforce Administration
Server Maintenance
Network Cable Installation
Website Development
Hardware Repair & Installation
Network Monitoring & Managed Care
Disaster Recovery Planning
Printer Service & Support
Remote Support
Data Backup
Data Recovery
SAN & NAS Storage
Cloud Backup Services