Home Computer Services

As home networks become increasingly complex the need for qualified service for the home network and all the various systems that communicate with the network becomes necessary.  AnziTech recognizes this and we provide in-home service to residents from central RI to South Eastern MA including Lincoln, Providence, Cumberland, Warwick, and East Greenwich.
We not only provide repair service for laptops and desktop systems and help integrating printers into your home network but we assist with device integration. Setting up your printer and phone or tablet so you can print directly from your phone Configuring your camera and iPad so photos can be uploaded.
We can also help configure your smart TV or streaming device like Chromecast, Fire Stick, or Apple TV.
There are many new devices that need an internet connection for maximum utility.  WeWeb-enabled programmable thermostats.  Kitchen appliances, Refrigerators, dishwashers.  Personal assistant devices like Alexia. Network enabled speakers like Sonos.  AnziTech can assist in the setup and configuration of all these devices. Call AnziTech 401-400-2694

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