Do I have to bring my computer to you?
AnziTech provides computer support in your business or home environment. Some repairs require shop services. If needed we will pick up and deliver your computer at no additional charge.

Do you provide estimates of cost?
We provide estimates of cost in almost all cases. Our estimates also include a reasonable estimate of the time that may be required to repair your device. If additional problems with your devices and equipment are uncovered during service, we will seek your authorization for all charges that will exceed our original estimate. In rare cases in which estimates cannot be given at the outset, we will seek to provide one to you as soon as the nature of the work to be done is determined.

What are your rates?
All our rates are within industry standards or below. Rates vary on the type of work to be performed. All work is guaranteed.

Can you recover my lost data?
Data loss occurs for a myriad of reasons. Some types of data loss can be reversed, and we are well equipped to handle these situations. In select cases, specialized environments man be needed – such as a clean room – and AnziTech is prepared to help you weigh your options and offer the most cost-effective solutions possible.